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This is a project to better organize information in the articles related to the composer Richard Wagner, his life and his operas. The project is intended to complete or add new articles within its 'scope' described below. It is hoped that this project, and the discussions here, will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. For future reference, you can easily reach this page via the shortcut WP:Wagner.

To find out more about what we have been doing, see Scope and Articles below. If you would like to help, consider looking at the To do lists below, including clean-up tasks and new article opportunities below. You could also adopt an article. Feel free to add additional tasks or articles to these lists.

If you would like to join us, please add your name to the list of participants.


The scope of this project is:

  • Richard Wagner and members of the Wagner Family
  • The fourteen Wagner operas, or Music Dramas, recordings of them and discographies
  • Essays and other literary works of Wagner
  • The Bayreuth Festival
  • People who worked with or were influenced by Richard Wagner
  • Sources of Wagner information or scholarship

About this project

This project was started by Dogbertd in May 2007.


To increase the accuracy, clarity, coverage and overall quality of articles related to Richard Wagner, his works, his life, his colleagues and his influence.

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Inactive participants

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Articles within the scope of this project

Main articles

Wagner operas





Other articles

The Wagner family: Wagner family tree • Minna Planer • Cosima Wagner • Eva Wagner-Pasquier • Friedelind Wagner • Gottfried Wagner • Gudrun Wagner • Johanna Jachmann-Wagner • Katharina Wagner • Nike Wagner • Siegfried Wagner • Verena Wagner • Wolfgang Wagner • Wieland Wagner • Winifred Wagner

Bayreuth: Bayreuther Blätter • Bayreuth canon • Bayreuth Circle • Bayreuth Festival • Bayreuth Festspielhaus • Wahnfried

Discographies: The Flying Dutchman discography • Götterdämmerung discography • Lohengrin discography • Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg discography • Das Rheingold discography • Siegfried discography • Tannhäuser discography • Tristan und Isolde discography • Die Walküre discography

Miscellaneous Wagner subjects: Ca' Vendramin Calergi (includes Wagner Museum) • Ernest Newman • International Association of Wagner Societies • Rhinemaidens • Theodor Uhlig • Wagner controversies • Wagner DreamWagner tuba • Wagner (mini-series)


For article assessments carried out by members of this project see the Assessment Section.

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To do lists

Clean-up tasks

The following articles are candidates for expansion, re-organization, or clean-up:

Major articles

  • The articles on the operas are of widely varying quality. See WP:WPO#Templates for examples of article structure and WP:WPO#Guidelines for guidance on article style.
  • Lohengrin lacks sections on premiere and critical reception. Some of this information is available on the DE wiki page.
Wagner WikiProject

New article opportunities

Feel free to add an article on any relevant topic, as long as it is encyclopedic, adopts a neutral point of view, and is verifiable. Normally the best way to ensure verifiability and neutrality is to cite sources, rather than relying on what you merely believe to be true. Some participants also believe that articles should be "notable". See WP:MUS WP:BIO and WP:ORG. Below are suggestions for new articles that are needed to round out the Wagner coverage on Wikipedia.


There are major singers who lack articles. A subpage provides a full List of Wagner singers, with and without published articles.

Adopt an article

Would you like to adopt an article? This would involve doing the research, writing, and finding public domain images to create or improve an article. Just pick an article from one of the "To do" lists above and start editing (see "clean-up tasks" and "new article opportunities" above). Of course, anyone can edit any article, even if someone had "adopted" it. But the idea of adopting an article is to focus for a while on a particular article until you feel it is as completely researched and referenced, and as well-written as you can make it, with a view of building up the number of high quality articles relating to this project. When you are finished working on an adopted article, leave a message on the talk page to let the other members of the project know you are finished, and they can look it over.


In general, this project follows the Opera Project category system as explained on their project page.

There are however six specific Wagner categories: Category:Richard Wagner • Category:Wagner studies • Category:Wagner family • Category:Operas by Richard Wagner • Category:Compositions by Richard Wagner • Category:Essays by Richard Wagner

Project banner

We have an official project talk page banner indicating the involvement of the project. The coding is {{WikiProject Richard Wagner}}. This is displayed on all articles (28 in July 2007) in the Wagner categories (see above). The banner is set up to include assessment ratings.

Template: Richard Wagner

There is a template for Richard Wagner at Template:Richard_Wagner. This can be added to project pages using the code {{Richard Wagner}}.-- Dogbertd ( talk) 16:21, 30 October 2011 (UTC) Reply reply

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