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Featured audio list

Portal:The arts/Featured audio/1

  • Frank C. Stanley's 1910 performance of Robert Burns' Auld Lang Syne. Contains the first and last verse.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/2

  • A 1938 teuroteu by Kim Song Kyu and Park Yeong Ho. Sung by Park Hyang Rim.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/3

  • Instrumental version of the most famous song from the 1921 musical Shuffle Along, recorded during its original Broadway run. Later used as a presidential campaign song for Harry Truman.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/4

  • Roxana Pavel Goldstein and Elias Goldstein (violins) with the DePaul Symphony (Chicago) conducted by Cliff Colnotl

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/5

  • The 11th-century " Victimae Paschali Laudes", traditionally attributed to Wipo of Burgundy, is one of the few traditional Latin "sequences" still used by the Roman Catholic Church today.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/6

  • A 12th-century song by Comtessa Beatritz de Dia, "A Chantar" is the only existing song by a trobairitz which survives with its music.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/7

  • From Ordo Virtutum (c.1151) by Abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179). Performed by Makemi.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/8

  • A Gregorian chant setting of Ave Maria, directed by Fr. Dariusz Smolarek SAC. Ave Maria ( Hail Mary) is a traditional Roman Catholic prayer asking for the help of the Virgin Mary. It is commonly used in mass and as penance for sins.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/9

  • An example of Kyrie eleison being performed as a Gregorian chant, directed by Fr. Dariusz Smolarek SAC.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/10

    Portal:The arts/Featured audio/11

  • " Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming", an 1894 English translation of the 16th-century German Christmas carol, " Es ist ein Ros entsprungen". Performed by the chorus of the U.S. Army Band, c. 2010.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/12

  • The toccata from L'Orfeo, composed by Claudio Monteverdi in 1607. Performed by Trisdee and the Bangkok Baroque Ensemble.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/13

    Portal:The arts/Featured audio/14

  • A la Nanita Nana, a Spanish Christmas carol, performed by the U.S. Army Band Chorus in Spanish and English.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/15

  • Movement V of Suite du Premier Ton (Suite in C major) from Louis-Nicolas Clérambault's 1710 set of compositions, Livre d'Orgue, performed by Ashtar Moïra.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/16

    Portal:The arts/Featured audio/17

  • Antonio Soler was a Spanish composer, primarily for organ. This is his 84th sonata, performed by Wikipedian Ashtar Moïra.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/18

  • La marcha real (The Royal March), the National Anthem of Spain, performed by the United States Navy Band. It is one of the oldest national anthems in the world as it was adopted in 1770, though, due to its age, the composer is unknown. It is also one of the few national anthems without words.

  • Portal:The arts/Featured audio/19

    Portal:The arts/Featured audio/20


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